Our classes are taught by highly experienced trainers, some of the best in the business. With expertise and mentoring in BOXING, GRAPPLING, MUAY THAI, MMA and SELF PROTECTION.

At ACES we are proud of the fact - nowhere else in Leamington and Warwick can offer this wide range of disciplines with this level of coaching in this standard of facility.

BOXING - the noble art of pugilism . the idea is to hit and not get hit . learn attack and defence, to throw multiple punches fast and hard whilst maintaining balance , using superior footwork to get in and out of range , understand and execute head movement and defence. "make um miss, make um pay".

BOXING CLASSES consisting of a series of punch bag, partner drills and fitness circuits focusing on developing technique, mind-set, and pushing your fitness to the next level . TUES & THURS 6.30pm. suitable for all levels

BOXING TECHNICAL SPARRING. focusing on the application of boxing technique to develop boxing skills in practical controlled scenario. THURS 7pm. suitable for all levels

BOXING OPEN SPARRING. A chance to try out your skills in the boxing ring against other like-minded individuals. Full Protective Boxing equipment must be worn ... gloves weighing a minimum 16oz, mouth guard, head guard and groin guard must be worn. Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels

MUAY THAI. The art of the eight limbs combining punches and kicks with knees and elbows to create a formidable fighting system . A combination of fitness, technique and technical sparring. One of the cores of MMA training. Monday & Wednesdays at 7pm. suitable for all levels

KIDS MUAY THAI. A fun class designed to build your child's confidence whilst teaching an effective self defence system and instil discipline. Saturday 11am

SUBMISSION GRAPPLING. One of oldest forms of combat known to man , combining elements of judo, jiu jitsu and wrestling. No Gi , Open mat . A fun, highly enjoyable full body workout like no other. A highly effective form of self-defence , one of the core elements of MMA . MON & WEDS 8pm. suitable for all levels.

1 to 1 PERSONAL TRAINING , SELF PROTECTION and STREET-SMART TRAINING contact the gym for more information

Our Classes

  • BOXING CLASS - Tuesday 6.30pm, Thursday 6.30pm
  • KIDS BOXING CLASS (ages 7-11) - Wednesday 5.15pm to 6pm
  • TEENS BOXING CLASS (ages 12-15) - Wednesday 6pm to 7pm
  • BOXING OPEN SPARRING - Contact us for times
  • BOXING TECHNICAL SPARRING - Contact us for times
  • MUAY THAI - Monday 7pm, Wednesday 7pm
  • SUBMISSION GRAPPLING - Monday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm
  • KIDS MUAY THAI (ages 7-15) Saturday 11am

Classes are subject to change. ALL classes must be pre booked and are subject to availability

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