About Us

Based in the centre of Leamington Spa our Combat Studio and Gym offers something for everyone when it comes to fitness. We’re a team of experienced and driven fitness experts with a passion and mindset, that lead to the concept and driving force for ACES – a gym with a difference.

Develop a winning mindset

At Aces we are dedicated to developing a winner mindset, we offer our members the facilities and mentoring expected by professional athletes of all abilities.

There is a saying “you have to be fit to fight”. We believe combat sports can provide a full body workout like no other. If you want to get fit, gain confidence or learn a new sport then the ACES is the gym for you and your fitness goals.

Life Warriors

We produce “Life Warriors” not just “beauty contestants”, our instructors have coached at the highest levels across different disciplines including MMA, Professional Boxing and Muay Thai. Its our passion that lead to the concept and driving force for the ACES.

Dedicated to developing a championship mindset, we offer our members the standard of training, facilities and advice expected by professional athletes, regardless of level of ability.

Develop a healthy body and healthy mind-set in a safe and social environment.

For more information you can call us on 07976 748845 or complete a contact form